Playful interpersonal connectivity instead of working hard on boundaries


Having grown up or studied in the dividesd city of Berlin the wall had been a border all around in both our personal lives. The wall was visible and it´s impact obvious.

The TA concept "frame of reference" looks at these boundaries. The original approach for personal growth in this concept was to extend the own frame of reference. This often needs high effort.


Is there a way to let inner boundaries become less meaningful especially in challenging situations in life? We would like to invite you to test the approach of connectivity of people´s frames of reference.  It can be a playful alternative to the traditional extension of the own frame of reference.


The participants experience the impact of the own frame of reference, get a taste of the 2 different approaches of extending the own frame of reference and of connectivity. They can feel the different amounts of energy needed in both approaches for personal groth and in finding new potions in challenging situations in life.



World Conference for Transactional Analysis

Berlin, Technische Universität